PFS-500 Universal PM Fiber Fusion Splicer
PFS-500 (S) Universal Polarization Maintaining (PM) Fiber Fusion Splicer is designed, developed, and manufactured by Comcore Optical Intelligence Technologies Co., Ltd. in Shanghai China. This innovative splicer crushes the traditional PM fiber fusion splicers’ technical barrier. It divides the fiber polarization axis angular orientation positioning and the fiber fusion splicing functions into two independent units, which greatly simplifies the PM splicer’s structure and makes it easy to operate and maintain. PFS-500 (S) Universal PM Fiber Fusion Splicer uses a more intuitive end-face imaging technology than the traditional side- view imaging method. The fiber end-face images are directly displayed with high-resolution and high optical magnification on a gridded monitor. Therefore, the end users can carry out the most critical angular positioning of the fiber polarization axis promptly with minimum efforts. The most significant advantage of PFS-500(s) is its capability of splicing various PM fiber combinations with identical or different stress structures swiftly and precisely.
  • applicable to various PM fiber combinations with identical or different stress structures,including but not limited:Panda fiber, Bow-tie fiber, I-type fiber, Elliptical core fiber, Multicore fiber and Microstructure fiber
  • End-face imaging technology, applicable to any PM fiber structures
  • Quick and accurate angular alignment
  • Optional auxiliary software, suitable for downloading, editing and measuring optical fiber end image
Name Unit Parameters Note
1 Equipment Name N/A PM Fiber Splicer
2 Equipment Model N/A PFS-500S PFS-500
3 Adaptable Fibers N/A Circularly Symmetrical fiber, Panda fiber, Bow-tie fiber, I-type fiber, Elliptical core fiber, Pohotonic-crystal fiber, Multicore fiber, Polygonal fiber and etc. Fiber with any Structures
4 Typical Splicing Loss dB 0.05 General Conditions

Typical Splicing

Linear Polarization Crosstalk
dB 33 For Linear PM Fiber
6 Splicing Point Crosstalk Range dB 30-40 For linear PM fibers
7 Typical Time of the Whole Splicing Sec 150  
8 Bearable Tension of Splicing Point kpsi >150 Before re-coating
9 Fiber Cladding Diameter μm 60-80 70-150 Position fiber with 40-60um cladding
10 Fiber Coating Diameter μm 100-165 135-400
11 Fiber End Face Image Magnification Factor times 400
12 Minimum Total Length of Fusion Splice without Coating mm 10  
13 Minimum Pigttail Length to Splice mm 60  
14 Splicing Data Storage Capacity group 10000
15 Fiber’s End-face Imaging Processing (optional) Connecting to a Laptop Via USB, the end Face Imaging of the Fiber Can be Directly Positioned, Measured, and it’s Image Can be Stored.
Part List
Item Specs / Model Quantity Thumbnail
1 Splicing Unit PFS-500 1 set
2 Rotatable Fiber Clamps RFH-250 2 units (One Pair)
3 Fiber Optic Cleaver FC-20 1 unit
4 Power Supplier for Splicing Unit GM85-135480-F
(Input:AC100-240V,1.8A, 50-60Hz;Output: DC13.5V,4.8A)
1 unit
5 Power Supplier for Display and Angular Alignment Unit GM50-120300-F
(Input:AC100-240V,1.5A, 50-60Hz;Output: DC12V, 3.0A)
1 unit
6 Accessory Case Including one pair of spare eletrodes, one spare ceramic ferrule, one plastic tweezers, one cleaning brush 1 unit
7 Fiber Coating Stripper FT-2 1 unit
8 Carrying Case Black / Rugged 1 unit (Ignore Thumbnail)
9 Instruction Material Electronic Version and Hard Cophy 1 set (Ignore Thumbnail)