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Successful Installation for 1000KV GIS Out-Seizing-Up FOCT

The 1000KV GIS out-seizing-up fiber optic current transformer (FOCT) developed by Comcore Optical Sensing Technologies Co., Ltd. has been successfully installed on SGCC Ultra-High Voltage Verification Station which is the highest voltage station in China. This FOCT is out-seizing –up type with a flexible sensing cable. The main advantages for this FOCT are that you can quickly install it without stopping power, disconnecting GIS tank, only need to wrap the current sensing cable on GIS tank or incoming / outgoing buss bar with pre-designed wrapping number and additionally to assemble some of fixture parts. Therefore, the FOCT has these characteristics such as light weight, easy installation, convenient maintenance and update, and is also adapt to different voltage applications. More important, there are no changes for the performance and accuracy before and after installation in field, which strongly depend on Comcore’s unique current sensing cable with the long-term stable insensitivities to vibration, impact, and bending.